Kitten to Cat Hospital Services
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AAHA Accredited ABVP
At Kitten to Cat Hospital we offer a number of services ranging from comprehensive examinations, dental cleanings and dental x-rays, in house lab, surgery/ laser surgery, ultrasound, and hospitalization/care for sick or injured cats.

Examinations and Wellness Exam
Examinations for your cat are part of keeping up with their general health. The frequency of exams per year changes as your cat progresses through the stages of life.

In some instances, hospitalization is needed. Our caring team offers knowledgeable support and makes sure each patient is comfortable while in the hospital.




Digital X-rays
Our digital X-ray allows us to take detailed pictures of your cat. All X-rays can be transmitted electronically to a board certified veterinary radiologist if needed for a second opinion.



Dental cleaning and Dental X-rays
We perform dental cleaning and digital dental x-rays. Dental disease is very common in cats. Our digital dental x-ray allows us to take a picture of the tooth root under the gum line that we cannot see while looking in your cat’s mouth.

Surgery/Laser Surgery
We offer a variety of surgical procedures. We also have a laser and can perform laser surgery when needed.

We can perform ultrasound to evaluate your cat’s organs and heart.

Oxygen Therapy
We can provide oxygen therapy if needed for your cat.

We recommend a vaccine schedule that follows your cat’s lifestyle. All the vaccines we use are made for cats only. We believe they are the safest and most effective vaccines.

We recommend microchipping your cat. This may increase the likelihood of finding your cat if she/he goes outdoor. 

Heartworms, fleas, intestinal parasites are preventable. There is no treatment for heartworms, only preventative. We offer products to prevent these common parasites.